Quick Cleaning with a Big Impact

You know those days when your house looks like a complete pigsty? Have you ever noticed that those days always seem to coincide with unexpected visitors? There have been so many times when I have rushed into fifteen minutes of frenzied cleaning before someone comes over. Here are some quick cleaning tips to make the biggest impact in a short amount of time. Now, I’m not saying this is going to be super deep clean, but it will give you the satisfaction of a clean house in no time at all.

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Clean off that table

I feel like my kitchen table is a magnet for… well… everything! I’m not sure how it happens but within minutes of clearing if off it is a mess again. Most of the time these piles consist of junk mail, ads, and newspaper. Do a quick sort and get rid of everything that is garbage or recycling, and put the needed papers in a neat pile to be filed. Quickly bring the various other items to their appropriate room.



Clean off the kitchen counters

I know this seems similar to the table, but getting those surfaces clean will really make a huge difference. There might not be time to completely wash all the dishes, but at least stack them neatly in the sink or quickly load the dishwasher. Once again, not a deep clean, but it clears up the clutter.


Wipe off all surfaces

Clorox wipes happen to be one of my favorite things for a quick clean. Grab a couple and wipe off all the surfaces you see… the kitchen counters, the table, the bathroom, and anything else that looks like it could use a quick wipe. This should take all of 30 seconds.



Ten minute tidy

Growing up I would often do a quick “ten minute tidy”. This is where I set an alarm for ten minutes (more or less depending on the amount of time you have) and run around like a crazy person just putting things away. This is the basic “tidying up” type things. Throw the toys back in their bins. Straighten the pillows. Throw dirty clothes in the hamper. When you have a time constraint it seems like you can magically get it done in super speed.



Freshen up!

Quickly spray a bit of febreeze around and light a scented candle. If your house smells so fresh and clean then no one will notice a little dust on the bookshelf…trust me.

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