Life Hacks for Sewers

While we are all in the process of creating beautiful things, sometimes our sewing supplies can get a little out of control! Here are a few of my favorite ideas to keep those things under control, as well as general life hacks that every sewer needs to know about to make life a little easier!

1. Bobbin Tamers





2. Steel Wool Self-Sharpening Pin Cushion



3. Magnetic Pin Dish



4. Sanitary Way to Thread a Needle



5. Shorten a Zipper



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3 thoughts on “Life Hacks for Sewers

  1. Nancy

    When I thread a needle, I never worry about hygiene. My sweat, dirt, tears and even blood. sometimes goes into it. I am 72, self taught at 12-taught RIGHT in Home Ec. and prolly will never do it any other way. So There! lol


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