How to Organize a Kitchen Like a Pro

There are few things I love more than kitchen design! I can (and have) stared at a computer screen for hours on end, drafting out a kitchen and deciding how best to space plan where everything will go. The actual planning of the kitchen is a huge subject on its own that can take years to learn all the codes and guidelines. But there are so many fun organizational tools that can be used in managing any kitchen!

Most basic builder grade kitchens come pretty basic. Base and wall cabinets with simple shelving and a couple drawers thrown in there. This makes me want to fall asleep from boredom! Why waste this precious space with plain ol’ shelves. Here are some fun ways to utilize that beloved cabinet space. These organization units can range from high-end custom features to simple retrofitted pieces that can be bought at a big box home store, The Container Store, Storables, or Ikea (any excuse to go to Ikea is a good with me!).

One of my least favorite parts of cooking is crawling on my hands and knees to search for all of my cookware. Make life a little easier with these pullout cabinet ideas.







Or we could just skip out on the cabinets altogether and opt for some deep drawers. Although we typically think of putting our everyday plates and cups up high, why not put them lower down where they can be easily accessible by all. Bonus: When the plates are low you can teach the kids to set the table at a younger age, one less thing to do come dinnertime!







And the worst offender of all kitchen cabinets….that pesky corner unit! Luckily there are some awesome solutions for even the trickiest places.





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  1. amy keegan

    Me too- hate having to crawl around , digging, searching for… where did he put that THING!? ..that thing that I NEED! is it hiding down there? or it is way up high?


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