Easy DIY to Customize Your Curtains

Don’t want to spend a lot of money for beautiful curtains?  I don’t blame you, I don’t either.  One of the best ways to have beautiful curtains that are long enough without breaking your budget, is to make them yourself!  Yes, I know it sounds; scary, exhausting, or even not worth the effort, but trust me!  It is!

From my personal experience, Target often will clearance its curtains.  You can sometimes get beautiful curtains for $13 each!  {sometimes even cheaper} Thats $26 for a set of curtains.  The problem, they are too short.  Which is not cute.  So lets fix this problem.fullsizerender-1fullsizerender

And this is exactly what I did!  I got my pair for $26 and made some gorgeous curtains that I love.  I found a $6 clearance curtain (just one) and cut it into 2 strips to create 2 matching 96+ inch long curtains!  These curtains cost me $32 total!  Amazing!

You can recreate curtains like mine or take a look at these 5 easy DIY styles to extend your favorite curtains:

1. Add a single strip of fabric about a foot from the bottom to create this gorgeous set!



2. Add a single strip of fabric at the very top to create this beautifully simple set!



3. Add a single strip of fabric about a foot to the top to create this amazing set!



4. Add two strips of fabric , one towards the top and one on the bottom to create this stunning set!



5. Add a single strip of fabric to the very bottom to create this great set!



Keep eyes out for curtains that don’t work as is, but can be altered and are super inexpensive and easy to make!

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