DIY Gift Ideas for Dudes

I know it is only September. But Christmas will be here before we know it and if you are planning on DIY-ing gifts this year, you gotta get on it ASAP.

1. DIY Graphic Tee



Adding a simple graphic is a great way to dress up a plain tee shirt for cheap! You could either make a freezer paper stencil or free hand a design using fabric paints. The possibilities are endless.

2. DIY Rosemary Mint Shaving Cream



This shaving creams contains coconut oil and shea butter, and therefore great for sensitive skin and will keep it from drying out. Definitely a great DIY for your well groomed man.

3. DIY Skinny Tie



If you are up for a little sewing, try follow these instructions to DIY your man a skinny tie! What guy wouldn’t love this?!

4. DIY Fleece Lined Throw



If you want to get into sewing, a simple throw is a fantastic place to start. Follow this blogger’s super simple instructions to DIY a fleece lined throw.

5. DIY Leather Laptop Sleeve



The thought of making a leather laptop sleeve seemed a little intimidating to me… until I read the directions. It’s pretty straight forward, and the result is awesome. This is definitely making my Christmas gift to-do list.

6. DIY Tool Organizer



This simple tutorial is great for organizing tools neatly. You could use them for any tools too, not just wrenches.

7. DIY Cuff Links



There are about a million DIY cuff link ideas on the internet, but these were my favorite, and are super simple to make. ANYONE can make these cuff links.

8. DIY Closet Organizer

IMG_1507wm (1)


If you are ready to take on a little bigger of a project, try is DIY closet organizer. This blogger gives great instructions on how to make this, and get your man’s accessories super organized.

9. DIY Cord Organizer



My husband LOVES to hoard cords. We have them coming out our ears. This simple cord organizer is a great way to keep all the clutter under control.

10. DIY Etched Glass Mug



Etching is a fabulous way to DIY a cheap gift and customize any way you want. PLUS, it is a simple craft the kids can help with if they are looking for a gift for dad.

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  1. Eric

    Just discovered your site and I love it! Wanted to see if you would be open to test out my glass etching supplies for free in exchange for feedback. Can you let me know if you are interested by email? These will be shipped directly to you at no cost. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks Eric


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