10 DIY Closet Dividers

1. DIY Closet Dividers from Tiny Picture Frames


This is my DIY! I bought these small wooden picture frames from the craft section at WalMart for 98 cents each. I painted them pink and put scrapbook paper inside, then use scrapbook stickers for the letters and numbers. I drilled a hole in the top to run the ribbon through. Done! I like using ribbon rather than some options because you can easily untie it and move it wherever you want. So cheap and so easy!

2. DIY Closet Dividers using Foam Board


3. DIY Closet Dividers from Plastic Dividers

diy closet dividers


4. DIY Heart Closet Dividers


5. DIY Closet Dividers from Door Hangers


6. DIY Closet Dividers from Wood Hangers


7. DIY Closet Dividers from CDs


8. DIY Closet Dividers from Craft Foam


(Source Unknown)

9. DIY Closet Dividers from Wood Shapes


10. DIY Closet Dividers made from Wooden O’s


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  2. Cheryl Ayers

    Wonderful website. Thank you for all your work in preparing this and all the knowledge you’ve put in it. Love it.

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