Cute, Easy and Affordable DIY Valentine’s Day Decor

I really love Valentines Day decor.  But I don’t want to spend a lot of money for just one month!  So I have some awesome finds for you so you can decorate for Love Day, too.

Heart Wreath

SO EASY to make.  And when I say easy, I mean super easy.  Hobby Lobby has these red tinsel hearts for many uses, but I instantly saw a “wreath”!  So I added pink ribbon to the top, and a bow to the bottom (those hearts on the bow are foam stickers).  DONE!  Easy right?  This cost me maybe $8 total.  I have also used this for about 5 years now, and it still looks amazing!fullsizerender

As for my mantel, this is really the only thing I decorate during the year (other than Christmas).  I simply switch out a few odds and ends for certain seasons and then back again to my regular decor for the rest of the year.  This particular year, I decorated with nothing new.  This is all stuff I have had for at least a year if not more.  And everything was a few dollars, aside from the “i love you” plate which was from Target last year for $12.fullsizerender-1

EASY DIY from my mantel:

Fabric Strips Heart Wreath: purchase a wire wreath in the shape of a heart, and cut scraps of red, pink, white, or Valentine’s Day print fabric into strips and tie them strategically around the wire wreath making a knot in the center of each fabric strip and allowing the ends to hang. 

Be Mine Board:  Sand down a palette strip of wood, and white wash it.  Stencil or free hand the letters “Be Mine”.  Apply glue around the edges of each letter filling them in completely and douse with glitter!  Then simply add some ribbon, trinkets, and you’re done!

{Quick Note: A lot of people put these type of boards on their porches. I don’t because my porch is laid out weird and the entire thing is constantly soaked from the rain we receive in February.}

Love Banner:  This was a kit purchased years ago, I believe from Targets dollar section for $3. Everything you see on the banner was in the kit. (those foam hearts from my wreath were from this kit!  Win for me.)  So I just made it my own.  Never be afraid to make something yours!

The Kiss Me word block ($3), the arrow ($3), and the signs sitting in my vases ($1) were purchased as is.   Everything else is my usual regular decor; gold plate, stone box, sleeping bunny, books, vases, and candles match my decor in my living room.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!  Hope you got some simple DIY ideas for cheap.

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