Creating a Welcoming Entry, Inside and Out!

The entry to your home is one of the most important, as well as the most ignored areas around. Everyone who enters your house for any amount of time will see the entry. What better space is there to amp up to the next level and create that perfect first impression?

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A Colorful Doorway

To create that welcoming atmosphere that we all strive for you have to start with the first thing someone will see, the outside. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is by employing a colorful doorway. The front door, in my opinion, is no place to play it safe with color! Have fun and go a little crazy! You can do anything from a bright yellow door that is sunny, fun, and a little playful; to a deep navy or black to create the perfect sophistication.

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An Outdoor Place to Sit

There is a house that I frequently drive by that I cannot pass without telling my husband how much I love it. I attribute this mainly to the wrap around porch, complete with a bistro set on one side of the door and a cushy bench on the other. It practically screams for you to sit down and enjoy a glass of lemonade. By having a nice place to sit, no matter the size of your front porch, is a great way to show others that they are welcome. Great outdoor seating options can be anything from a wooden adirondack chair to a charming wrought iron bistro set.



An Organized Storage Space

To really make your home welcoming you have to have a functioning and organized entryway once you enter the house. Most homes have front entry closets, but often, it seems, they are not used as much as they should be. Why not invite a guest to stay awhile by having an easy place for them to hang their coat or remove their shoes. I am a big fan of using hooks rather than hangers, they are faster and easier to use so you avoid the dreaded pile of coats and purses crowding the entryway. A fashionable and organized combination of hooks, baskets and benches can really make for a functional area.

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Fun Artwork

Artwork really sets the tone of your style. For a small entry something as simple as a welcome sign and your favorite framed photograph can be utilized. A larger entry can even get away with a gallery wall of family portraits, or an oversized painting to create high impact. Adding accessories and decoration to the areas around the art can be a great way to add personality to the space. Just whatever you do, make it yours!



Incorporating Light

Often times entry ways tend to get cramped and dark, which is definitely not very inviting. Incorporating both natural and artificial light is a must! How fun would it be to have a modern pendant light hanging in an area with high or vaulted ceilings. If you are not lucky enough to have those luxurious high ceilings, having a lamp on an entry table can create that much needed light (especially if you have an awesome mirror close by to reflect that lovely light). Sidelights and transom windows on either side and above the door can also really help to bring in that gorgeous natural sunlight during the daytime.

4 thoughts on “Creating a Welcoming Entry, Inside and Out!

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  2. Toni

    I love the idea of a welcoming entryway and want to employ this to my home. However, I don’t know where to begin! My house is a cute one-store cinder block stucco house which I’ve painted a clean, cool pinkish-coral color named “jovial” with white trim in trying to maintain my love of the coast. My front door is metal with a glass insert and is white. I cannot for the life of me figure what color to paint it or if I should leave it alone. What do you suggest? I certainly would love any and all suggestions!

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