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School is in full swing now! There is a good chance that your table is covered in piles of homework, pens, markers, and books. Rather than pushing everything to one side in order to squeeze onto the table for your daily meals, instead lets reclaim that table by creating a separate super effective homework station! A homework […]

One of my very favorite things about being a mom is watching my kids learn. Their instinctive curiosity that comes with their young age is so fun to watch. My son in particular, will let anyone know who will listen, he’s a scientist! And with that comes a lot of experiments. Here are some of […]

While we are all in the process of creating beautiful things, sometimes our sewing supplies can get a little out of control! Here are a few of my favorite ideas to keep those things under control, as well as general life hacks that every sewer needs to know about to make life a little easier! […]

You know those days when your house looks like a complete pigsty? Have you ever noticed that those days always seem to coincide with unexpected visitors? There have been so many times when I have rushed into fifteen minutes of frenzied cleaning before someone comes over. Here are some quick cleaning tips to make the […]

I love exploring new places and seeing peoples homes. It is always such an inspiration to see how others live and how they choose to decorate. Even in a beautiful home there are the occasional things you come across that just don’t quite seem to work. Here are the seven biggest mistakes to avoid, and […]

Today I was struggling to fill mini cupcake liners with a spoon when I thought, there has to be an easier way! I remembered I had several of these squeeze bottles sitting around that I bought at Walmart for less than $1 each in the kitchenware section or you can get similar bottles here. I […]