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While we are all in the process of creating beautiful things, sometimes our sewing supplies can get a little out of control! Here are a few of my favorite ideas to keep those things under control, as well as general life hacks that every sewer needs to know about to make life a little easier! […]

I have two solid reasons why you need to make one of these skirts ASAP. 1. How many baby blankets and pillow cases can a beginning sewer make before its really time to branch out? 2. Wearing something you made yourself is very satisfying. So dive in! 1. Easy Circle Skirt (source) 2. High-Waisted Mini […]

It seems like every where I turn people are wearing infinity scarfs.  They are a really cute, a very simple way to dress up an outfit, they are functional by keeping you warm in the winter and relatively easy to make yourself.  Here are five easy DIY infinity scarf tutorials that I love. This scarf […]

I LOVE lace. Whenever I am at the craft store I admire it and dream of all the pretty things I could make with lace. Then I remember the extent of my sewing skills and move on to the actual reason I am in a fabric store. But as it turns out, you don’t NEED […]

If you have been wanting to work your way into quilting (like me) but don’t want to cut out hundreds of tiny shapes and piece them together, there are other options! There are plenty of beautiful and simple quilt options out there that are perfect for the beginning quilter. Unfortunately NONE of these come with […]