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Sometimes when I am digging though my spice cabinet, I feel like I could be one of those infomercials where everything goes excessively, over-the-top wrong. I am looking for the red pepper flakes, and EVERYTHING is falling out EVERYWHERE and I can’t find what I am looking for. Super annoying, amirite? When I saw these […]

School is in full swing now! There is a good chance that your table is covered in piles of homework, pens, markers, and books. Rather than pushing everything to one side in order to squeeze onto the table for your daily meals, instead lets reclaim that table by creating a separate super effective homework station! A homework […]

I know I am not the only one that has my precious newborn keepsakes packed away in a box, only to be seen when I have need to dig through the attic for something. Every time I see them I am reminded just how sweet and tiny my babies are. I have been thinking it […]

Tupperware is awesome. It’s handy and helps me enjoy my awesome cooking tomorrow. But I also hate it. I hate it because I can never find matches and they’re difficult to keep organized. My cabinet where I keep my tupperware looks aweful. At least, it did until I found all these easy peasy organization ideas. […]

There are few things I love more than kitchen design! I can (and have) stared at a computer screen for hours on end, drafting out a kitchen and deciding how best to space plan where everything will go. The actual planning of the kitchen is a huge subject on its own that can take years […]

I love to buy fabric!  If I have a good coupon or find material on sale I will buy it.  I don’t always have a project in mind when the fabric comes home so often times that it will sit around until inspiration hits.  Fabric, if not stored properly can fade, get dirty or wrinkle. […]