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When I first heard about feng shui I basically wrote it off as being some absurd and mythical concept. The more I researched it, the more I learned that it is really based off of common sense and how your surroundings make you feel. Feng shui is a Chinese system of laws that help you […]

“Without light there is nothing” This is one of the best bits of advice I remember from my professor while studying interior design. You can spend forever selecting fabrics, furnishings, and paint colors, but none of this matters without spending a little time on showcasing the space with excellent lighting. Lighting is actually a complex […]

Candles are such an inexpensive, cozy and cute way to decorate a table or dress up a room.  I am always looking for ways to add some pizzazz to my decorations without breaking the bank.  I have found a slew of ideas and to be honest I want to do all of them.  Especially since […]

The entry to your home is one of the most important, as well as the most ignored areas around. Everyone who enters your house for any amount of time will see the entry. What better space is there to amp up to the next level and create that perfect first impression? (source) A Colorful Doorway […]

With as many little kids as I have running around my house almost everything in it is a hand me down.  This includes my old, drab, brown couches.  I have been looking for a fun, inexpensive way to dress them up without spending a bunch of money and investing a lot of time.  I thought […]

I love to buy fabric!  If I have a good coupon or find material on sale I will buy it.  I don’t always have a project in mind when the fabric comes home so often times that it will sit around until inspiration hits.  Fabric, if not stored properly can fade, get dirty or wrinkle. […]

When my husband and I moved into our house our bed which has been through 9 years of marriage and 7 moves finally bit the dust.  We were left without a headboard and now just have a lovely set of bed rails holding our mattress in place.  I desperately want to update the look of […]

I love hopping on board the fad train. One fad I am loving lately is pallet projects! Pallets are everywhere and you can usually find them for free if you are looking. Which means you can create something fabulous from your pallet on the CHEAP, and we all know I love cheap! Here are some […]

For as long as I can remember I have claimed to be a shoe “collector.” Not to be confused with a shoe hoarder… Which is what my mother would call me. But I have to admit, lately the “collection” has been feeling a bit out of control. I am having a hard time finding what […]