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I LOVE Crate &Barrel. I love everything about it, except the price tag. Sometimes I am just in the mood for a change and $40 for a vase or $300 for a side table is just not in the budget. Fortunately, some fabulous DIYers have come up with these knock-off Crate & Barrel projects. 1. […]

Every Halloween, I think “carving pumpkins is so fun!” Up until it comes down to pumpkin carving time, you have to cut it open, pull our all the guts then attempt to make some design that never turns out quite right. THEN, you stick it on your porch as a reminder for every time you […]

Growing up, I loved watching my mom sew. I loved when she would let me play with fabric scraps and get behind her sewing machine myself. Here are some fun,simple project ideas for kids that will get them sewing! 1. Pillow Case (source) 2. Pocket Scarf (source) 3. Hot/Cold Rice Bags (source) 4. Tote Bag […]

While we are all in the process of creating beautiful things, sometimes our sewing supplies can get a little out of control! Here are a few of my favorite ideas to keep those things under control, as well as general life hacks that every sewer needs to know about to make life a little easier! […]

Brown wrapping paper is my very favorite way to wrap gifts. It is so universal and appropriate for every occasion. There are so many ways to customize and make it special. 1. Tiny DIY Pennant Banner Wrapping (source) 2. DIY Stenciled Wrapping Paper (source) 3. DIY PomPom Wrapping (source) 4. Gift Wrapping with Buttons (source) […]

I have two solid reasons why you need to make one of these skirts ASAP. 1. How many baby blankets and pillow cases can a beginning sewer make before its really time to branch out? 2. Wearing something you made yourself is very satisfying. So dive in! 1. Easy Circle Skirt (source) 2. High-Waisted Mini […]

If you have a new mom, or mom-to-be in your life that you are looking to DIY the perfect gift for, let me help. I want to help you sift through all the unnecessary DIY baby gifts out there, and help you find a gift idea that will actually be loved and used. 1. Burp […]

In the last seven years since I graduated high school and left home, I have lived in seven different apartments. Yes that is right….SEVEN! I feel like I am a master at apartment living.  With all that moving most people find that it isn’t worth settling down and really turning your apartment into what you […]

Growing up, whenever I would come across a simple sewing project someone would usually impart the motivational words, “All you need to know is how to sew a straight line”. Alright guys, it is confession time. I CANNOT sew a straight line! Even with my slightly crooked sewing lines I was able to complete this […]

1. Vinyl Stripes (Source) This blogger made their cute, striped accent wall using strips of charcoal gray vinyl cut so size. 2. Triangle Accent Wall (source) This fun accent wall was created using white shelf liner that was bought for less than $3. So cheap and simple! 3. Vinyl Wall Decals (Source) These vinyl decals […]