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Baby showers… usually you either love them or hate them.  Showers in general, be it a baby or wedding shower, have received the reputation of being awkward, boring, and cheesy.  Now, with the ever evolving world of technology, we can see that there are overly creative and ambitious people (with obviously too much time on […]

Lately I have fallen in love with washi tape! It comes in every color and design you could possibly be looking for. It’s great if you are party planning or decorating and can’t find exactly what you are looking for. With washi tape you can customize anything to make it just right. You can buy […]

I love crafting, but all the supplies all over the place drive me a little crazy. The only way I really feel motivated to get my crafting done is when I have a tidy, functional space to work in. Here are a few of my favorite DIY craft room ideas I have found to help […]

If you have been wanting to work your way into quilting (like me) but don’t want to cut out hundreds of tiny shapes and piece them together, there are other options! There are plenty of beautiful and simple quilt options out there that are perfect for the beginning quilter. Unfortunately NONE of these come with […]

1. DIY Closet Dividers from Tiny Picture Frames This is my DIY! I bought these small wooden picture frames from the craft section at WalMart for 98 cents each. I painted them pink and put scrapbook paper inside, then use scrapbook stickers for the letters and numbers. I drilled a hole in the top to […]

1. DIY Memo Frame (Source) 2. DIY Cork Board Picture Frame (Source) 3. DIY Lace Stencil Picture Frame (Source) 4. DIY Pedestal Picture Frame (Source) 5. DIY Picture Frame Jewelry Holder (Source) 6. DIY Magnetic Picture frame (Source) 7. DIY Picture Frame into Tray (Source) 8. DIY Bangle Stand from Picture Frame (Source)

1. DIY Clothes Pin Wreath (Source) 2. DIY Clothes Pin Mirror (Source) 3. DIY Tuna Can Clothes Pin Planter (Source) 4. DIY Clothes Pin Advent Calendar (Source) 5. DIY Glitter Clothes Pin Magnets (Source) 6. DIY Clothes Pins Gift Tags (Source) 7. DIY Clothes Pin Airplanes (Source) 8. DIY Mod Podge Clothes Pins (Source)

Sometimes little boys, and moms of little boys can feel a little left out in the crafty/DIY world. Here are 5 of my favorite DIY Onesie ideas for little boys! 1. Applique Onesies (Source) You can use No-Sew Heat N Bond to put any shape or design on a onesie easily to give it a […]