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We have all been obsessing over unicorns for a few years now. I keep thinking, “I hope this trend never dies!” I just can’t get enough of the rainbows, gold and glitter. It is magical and sparkly and I want unicorns in my life forever. PLUS, the pair of unicorn-loving little girls I have in […]

Door mats are important! They are the first thing your guest sees before walking into your house and the last thing they’ll see as they’re walking out. A cute, fun door mat gives your guest their first impressions of your home. Check out these awesome DIY rug ideas to find the perfect rug for your […]

I never throw away an old picture frame and whenever I am at the thrift store or the dollar store, I am always on the look out for interesting frames to repurpose. Whether you are giving an old frame a fresh coat of paint or doing a whole DIY, old picture frames are a fantastic […]

When you think of popsicle stick crafts, you probably picture something made my your favorite elementary schooler. But once again the talented people of the internet have blown me away with their creative and cute used for popsicle sticks. Here are five of my favorite DIYs for your home using posicle sticks! DIY Mini Pallet […]

I know I am in good company when I say, I love Ikea! I love the modern style of their furniture, I love the price range, I love the experience of walking through an Ikea store. I love all of it. Another added bonus of Ikea furniture is that because it is SO common, there […]

Every Halloween, I think “carving pumpkins is so fun!” Up until it comes down to pumpkin carving time, you have to cut it open, pull our all the guts then attempt to make some design that never turns out quite right. THEN, you stick it on your porch as a reminder for every time you […]

Growing up, I loved watching my mom sew. I loved when she would let me play with fabric scraps and get behind her sewing machine myself. Here are some fun,simple project ideas for kids that will get them sewing! 1. Pillow Case (source) 2. Pocket Scarf (source) 3. Hot/Cold Rice Bags (source) 4. Tote Bag […]

While we are all in the process of creating beautiful things, sometimes our sewing supplies can get a little out of control! Here are a few of my favorite ideas to keep those things under control, as well as general life hacks that every sewer needs to know about to make life a little easier! […]

Brown wrapping paper is my very favorite way to wrap gifts. It is so universal and appropriate for every occasion. There are so many ways to customize and make it special. 1. Tiny DIY Pennant Banner Wrapping (source) 2. DIY Stenciled Wrapping Paper (source) 3. DIY PomPom Wrapping (source) 4. Gift Wrapping with Buttons (source) […]