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School is in full swing now! There is a good chance that your table is covered in piles of homework, pens, markers, and books. Rather than pushing everything to one side in order to squeeze onto the table for your daily meals, instead lets reclaim that table by creating a separate super effective homework station! A homework […]

In the last seven years since I graduated high school and left home, I have lived in seven different apartments. Yes that is right….SEVEN! I feel like I am a master at apartment living.  With all that moving most people find that it isn’t worth settling down and really turning your apartment into what you […]

Growing up, whenever I would come across a simple sewing project someone would usually impart the motivational words, “All you need to know is how to sew a straight line”. Alright guys, it is confession time. I CANNOT sew a straight line! Even with my slightly crooked sewing lines I was able to complete this […]

You know those days when your house looks like a complete pigsty? Have you ever noticed that those days always seem to coincide with unexpected visitors? There have been so many times when I have rushed into fifteen minutes of frenzied cleaning before someone comes over. Here are some quick cleaning tips to make the […]

I love granite just as much as the next person, but I feel like it has trapped people into thinking it is the only option for a countertop. Occasionally when I am flipping through channels I will land on one of those house hunter shows. I am amazed at how many people will pass on […]

I love exploring new places and seeing peoples homes. It is always such an inspiration to see how others live and how they choose to decorate. Even in a beautiful home there are the occasional things you come across that just don’t quite seem to work. Here are the seven biggest mistakes to avoid, and […]

There are few things I love more than kitchen design! I can (and have) stared at a computer screen for hours on end, drafting out a kitchen and deciding how best to space plan where everything will go. The actual planning of the kitchen is a huge subject on its own that can take years […]

When I first heard about feng shui I basically wrote it off as being some absurd and mythical concept. The more I researched it, the more I learned that it is really based off of common sense and how your surroundings make you feel. Feng shui is a Chinese system of laws that help you […]

“Without light there is nothing” This is one of the best bits of advice I remember from my professor while studying interior design. You can spend forever selecting fabrics, furnishings, and paint colors, but none of this matters without spending a little time on showcasing the space with excellent lighting. Lighting is actually a complex […]

The entry to your home is one of the most important, as well as the most ignored areas around. Everyone who enters your house for any amount of time will see the entry. What better space is there to amp up to the next level and create that perfect first impression? (source) A Colorful Doorway […]