8 Paint-Free Accent Wall Ideas

1. Vinyl Stripes



This blogger made their cute, striped accent wall using strips of charcoal gray vinyl cut so size.

2. Triangle Accent Wall



This fun accent wall was created using white shelf liner that was bought for less than $3. So cheap and simple!

3. Vinyl Wall Decals



These vinyl decals can be purchased on Etsy. You find vinyl decals ALL over Etsy in any shape, color or design you could possibly want. They are such a fun way to add an accent wall to a room without paint!

4. Removal Wall Paper



Removable wall paper is great way to get the fabulous look of wall paper without the commitment. You can buy it from Urban Outfitters.

5. Polka Dots



These gold polka dots are so fabulous! I love how simple and clean they look against a plain white wall. I need them! Buy them here.

6. Palette Accent Wall

Screen Shot 2013-02-20 at 10.31.53 PM


I love palettes and all the projects that can be done with them. This blogger used a bunch of old palettes to create this creative accent wall in their bathroom.

7. Removable Wall Patterns



This blogger made fabulous patterned accent wall using Walls by Mur removable adhesive patterns.

8. Empty Frames 



Empty picture frames painted a fun color can be a great way to add some color and interest to your room.

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