7 Biggest Decor Mistakes to Avoid

I love exploring new places and seeing peoples homes. It is always such an inspiration to see how others live and how they choose to decorate. Even in a beautiful home there are the occasional things you come across that just don’t quite seem to work. Here are the seven biggest mistakes to avoid, and what you should do instead!

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Picture size and placement

This is probably one of the mistakes that I see the very most! You have a big beautiful wall full of possibility… And there is a single 5×7 framed photograph. Scale is so important when considering what you want to put on your wall. Instead of having a single small picture, how about try putting together a gallery wall full of correlating frames? Having a large painting might be another excellent option, just be aware that having something too large might look just as bad as having something too small. Placement is also so important! A good rule of thumb is to place the picture with the center at about eye level, this can vary depending on what objects might be nearby.



Too much big furniture

Nothing is worse than cluttering up a room with furniture that is too big for the space, or having too much furniture. You may think it is a great idea having an overstuffed sectional, ottoman, large coffee table, entertainment center, and let’s throw in a few end tables in your family room. Unless you have a huge room that is going to accommodate it, you are not going to get that super cute look you are looking for. When shopping for furniture be sure to take measurements of your room, things look a lot smaller in the store than they do at home, and remember that it is ok to have a little bit of open area to move around. Simplify, find a few pieces that you truly love and really enjoy the space that you have.



All furniture against wall

While we are on the subject of furniture, let’s talk a bit about placement. It is going to be difficult to make an inviting space is every piece of furniture is pushed up against one wall. Spend a little time space planning and really find a way to best showcase your pieces. By angling an armchair toward the sofa a bit you can create a great conversation area. Don’t constrain yourself strictly to where the walls are, you can even help define the dimensions of the room based on where you place the furniture.



Curtain placement

Incorrectly placing your curtains is such an easy mistake to fix. If you place the curtains within the frame of the window, the window will appear to be much smaller and will block natural light. Try moving the curtain rod up higher on the wall, it will actually make the whole room appear to be taller. If you also let the curtain rod extend several inches beyond the end of the window it will help the window to appear bigger and let in more natural light.



Only overhead lighting

I know it is super simple to flip a switch and simply turn on your overhead lighting, but don’t get sucked into letting it be your only lightsource! Have a few lamps around and amp up your accent lighting to add some serious dimension to your space.



Too matchy matchy

This is such an easy mistake to make, so beware! Let’s say you really like ducks and think it is a super great idea to have a duck themed room. You can totally go all out…duck wallpaper, duck lamp, duck bedspread, duck pillows, framed duck, wood duck… But please PLEASE don’t! Trust me, having a little subtlety is awesome. You will be much happier with just a few touches of the intended theme. This “matchy matchy” problem can also extend to furniture. It is super easy to go to a furniture store and buy a complete eight piece set of matching furniture. Be aware that when you do this that you are going to have a hard time adding a ton of personality. Selecting different pieces that don’t necessarily match but “go” will give you a much more desirable space that is not quite so rigid.



Cluttered counters

This is another one of those things that is such an easy fix. Cluttered countertops not only make it difficult to get things accomplished, but also are not very attractive. In your kitchen and bathroom try to keep out only what is necessary. You know that quesadilla maker that you got for your wedding and only use twice a year? It probably does not deserve the valuable counter real estate. Put things away in the cabinets or pantry, if you are doing a kitchen remodel consider adding an appliance garage to your design plans. Personally, if I have much more than my KitchenAid and knife block on the counter I have a hard time convincing myself to cook at all…It is just too cluttered! Do yourself a favor and give your countertops a little spring cleaning!

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  1. nicole

    This has been a interesting article, the hardest thing for me is having too much clutter, and your right its such an easy fix to do.

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