6 Cute DIY Infinity Scarf Ideas

It seems like every where I turn people are wearing infinity scarfs.  They are a really cute, a very simple way to dress up an outfit, they are functional by keeping you warm in the winter and relatively easy to make yourself.  Here are five easy DIY infinity scarf tutorials that I love.


This scarf was made by me and created using this pattern. It is a great place to start for beginning knitters because the chunky yarn makes it really easy to see your stitches and learn. I am also selling them to raise money for Kellsie’s Hope Foundation, you can buy them here!

scarf 1


I love the way this scarf hangs.  It could great under a coat or over the top of a sweater.

scarf 2


Crochet three long pieces then braid them together and stitch closed.  Super simple yet so adorable.  I love the braided look!

scarf 3


I love that this scarf can be worn around the neck for a chunky full look or pulled up over the head to create a hood.  It’s so beautiful and clever!  It looks difficult but it’s actually not if you know how to knit in the round.

scarf 4


This scarf is done using arm knitting! I never even knew such a thing existed but it creates such a cute, chunky finished look.

scarf 6


This one is simple and easy.  It’s also inexpensive as it’s made by recycling an old t-shirt.  This could be worn in all seasons and makes a great accessory to any outfit.

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7 thoughts on “6 Cute DIY Infinity Scarf Ideas

    1. Heather

      Unfortunately I don’t make and sell that scarf at this point, but it is a beautiful cowl. I might have to think about doing it! Thanks for reading!

  1. Cheryl

    Hi…Love your scarves!! Especially the 1st one…white/off white with the little bumps. I clicked on “this” pattern which took me to a Ravelry pattern. But not the pattern for the scarf you pictured and talked about. Have any idea where I can find the correct pattern…I read you created the pattern, but how are I can to follow your tutorial if it’s not there. Or am I missing something on your website? Would be more than happy to pay for the pattern…2 of my daughter-in-laws would love for me to knit this scarf for them. Thanks, Cheryl

    1. Heather

      Hey Cheryl! That pattern that link leads to is the Gap-tastic scarf on ravelry. It make look different, but it actually is the pattern I followed. It could be the yarn I used vs. the yarn pictured. Hope that helps!

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