5 Easy Quilt Ideas for Beginners

5 Easy Quilt Ideas for Beginners

If you have been wanting to work your way into quilting (like me) but don’t want to cut out hundreds of tiny shapes and piece them together, there are other options! There are plenty of beautiful and simple quilt options out there that are perfect for the beginning quilter.

Unfortunately NONE of these come with tutorials, but with very little sewing know-how you could mimic any of these fun and simple designs.

1. Vintage Tree Carving Quilt


2. Multi-Fabric Striped Quilt


3. Striped Quilt



4. Solid Colors Quilt



5. Color Block Quilt



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3 thoughts on “5 Easy Quilt Ideas for Beginners

  1. Pat

    FINALLY, I think I may be able to do a quilt. I’ve always wanted to do one – but don’t really have the sewing skills. All I need for this is a sewing machine – which I have – and some imagination – which I have. Thanks so much for showing me how I can do this one important (to me) thing on my “I REALLY want to learn to do this” list. Pat

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