5 Easy Peasy Tupperware Organization Ideas

Tupperware is awesome. It’s handy and helps me enjoy my awesome cooking tomorrow. But I also hate it. I hate it because I can never find matches and they’re difficult to keep organized. My cabinet where I keep my tupperware looks aweful. At least, it did until I found all these easy peasy organization ideas. You should try them. You’ll be glad you did.

1. GET RID OF YOUR PIECES WITHOUT THE OTHER HALF! Just do it. Accept that somehow the other half will not magically show up and is in fact gone. Half of a storage container is just junking up your cabinet. It will not keep your food fresh. Throw them away. Now.

2. Dish rack for lid storage. This is genius. So easy to use in a drawer or a pullout. Goodbye stacks of lids.



3. Wire racks on door. This is a great use of unused space if you have the room. Super easy to grab on the go. Here’s a cute Wall-Mountable Rack for a little over $15 on Amazon. Wire Under-Shelf Hanging Baskets are also super handy space savers.



4. Pouches. I like this method because it doesn’t require a lot of space. (Does anyone know where to find a pouch like this?) If I were to make my own version of this idea, I would use clear vinyl for the front so you can see everything easily!



5. Pullouts. I love the simplicity of the pullout bin. I don’t need to be super careful about stacking the containers and they’re not going to be falling out everywhere. Plus, you can pull out the bin to find the needed container rather than reaching in a cupboard and fumbling around until I (maybe) find a match.



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4 thoughts on “5 Easy Peasy Tupperware Organization Ideas

  1. Dazee

    I love the pull outs idea and am going to see if I can locate the bins and put them to use in my kitchen. Wicker baskets are readily available in our area however I have a problem with them not being flat on the inside, thus things constantly fall over. I have also tried canvas baskets but had the same problem because the sides were tapered in. I am going to look for a clear, flat bottom, sturdy bin the next time we travel to the city, perhaps the container store will have them. Thanks for the great idea sharing! I love your blog and look forward to your emails! Dazee

  2. Suzanne

    Those pouches you were asking about are marketed to teachers. So anywhere that sells teacher supplies will most likely have them.

    1. Joye

      I hang command hooks on the inside of my cupboard doors then punch holes in the top of freezer ziplock bags and hang them. I store sippy cup lids, straws in the bags.

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