5 DIYs to get Craft Clutter Under Control

I love crafting, but all the supplies all over the place drive me a little crazy. The only way I really feel motivated to get my crafting done is when I have a tidy, functional space to work in. Here are a few of my favorite DIY craft room ideas I have found to help get your craft clutter under control.

1. DIY Colorful Craft Room Peg Board

Colorful Project Runway Inspired Pegboard in use


2. DIY Hot Glue Gun Holder

DIY Hot Glue Gun Holder - OPC The Better Half


3. DIY Hanging Paint Storage

DIY Hanging Paint Storage


4. DIY Ribbon Storage Box


5. DIY Cork Board Storage

DIY Pin Board Station. the36thavenue.com


8 thoughts on “5 DIYs to get Craft Clutter Under Control

  1. Trina Goldstein

    I love the idea for the hot glue gun. I will definitely see if my better half will make me one. I also love the idea on the shoe box ribbons. I always seem to have them all over the place when I make my hair bows. Thanks again for the wonderful ideas.

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