5 Cute Ways to Display Newborn Items

5 Ways to Display Baby Keepsakes

I know I am not the only one that has my precious newborn keepsakes packed away in a box, only to be seen when I have need to dig through the attic for something. Every time I see them I am reminded just how sweet and tiny my babies are. I have been thinking it is time to pull those special memories out of boxes and put them on display where they belong.

1.  Shadow Box



photo (2)


2. Ornament



3. Framed Outfit


(source unknown, please comment if you know!)

4. Stuffed Animal in Newborn Outfit


(source unknown, please comment if you know!)

5. Newborn Keepsake Box



One thought on “5 Cute Ways to Display Newborn Items

  1. Jamie

    I would have to add a baby clothes quilt as well, since that’s what I do for a living! 😉 But I love your ideas – even I couldn’t handle cutting up my kids’ “bringing home” outfits so I did the shadowbox idea for theirs with a pic & their hospital bracelet.


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