10 Must-Do DIYs for Summer

1. Paint Plastic Buckets Metallic


(Source unknown, please leave a comment if you know the original source!)

I love this idea for a summer BBQ for cold drinks or even using these cute painted bucket as a planter!

2. Embroidery Thread Wrapped Sandals



If you have a lack-luster pair of sandals sitting around, why not try this simple DIY to spice them up with embroidery thread?!

3. DIY Mason Jar Lids



These mason jar are so easy to makel Simply drill a hole and place the rubber grommet. Perfect for an outdoor party!

4. Giant Jenga



This simple DIY game would make a great outdoor party game.

5. Tuna Can Lantern



This blogger got creative and made these super cute lanterns using glasses, vases and tuna cans!

6. DIY Fire Pit



Sitting around a fire with family and friends is my favorite way to spend summer evenings, so a back yard fire pit is a must have!

7. DIY Outdoor Seating

outdoor seating_after 3


Outdoor furniture can be expensive! This simple DIY uses cinder blocks and lumber to create cute and functional seating!

8. DIY Tree Swing



Could this DIY tree swing be any cuter? Check out the tutorial to make your own!

9. Floating Cooler



This would be a great addition to any pool party.

10. Window Screen Beach Bag



This bag is functional and super cute! follow the link for great step-by-step instructions to make your own window screen beach bag.

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