10 Fabric Storage Ideas for All Budgets

I love to buy fabric!  If I have a good coupon or find material on sale I will buy it.  I don’t always have a project in mind when the fabric comes home so often times that it will sit around until inspiration hits.  Fabric, if not stored properly can fade, get dirty or wrinkle.  I have been on the hunt for a good way to store all my extra material and have found some really cute solutions.

 fabric 1


My sister was telling me just the other day that she wanted a filing cabinet.  I laughed thinking what could you possibly need a filing cabinet for.  That was until I saw this! Re-purpose one for fabric storage.  Simply cute off half of a filing folder and wrap your fabric around it.

fabric 2


These are simply pieces of plastic that you can wrap your fabric around and file it on a book shelf.  They have tabs that you can hook your fabric into so it keeps it from slouching and stays in place

fabric 3


For smaller pieces of material file it away in old cassette tape holders.  Look for them at your local thrift store or garage sales.

fabric 4


This is a tall book shelf turned on it’s side and mounted on a wall.  Simple and cute!

fabric 5


I don’t know why this one appeals to me so much but I love the basket and the material folded up ready to go.  This would be great if you don’t have tons of fabric to store away.

fabric 6


If you have a lot of yardage in your collection this would be an easy and super cheap option.  Simply hang your material up on skirt hangers.

fabric 7


I am KICKING myself after seeing this idea.  I had an old hutch that was my parents from the 80’s but got rid of it when we moved into our current home.  Who knew you could distress it and turn it into an adorable way to store tons of fabric (or anything else for that matter)

fabric 8


I cannot find a source for this idea but it’s pretty straight forward.  I love how the person who did this added the chalkboard tags to each drawer.  That way if you move things around you don’t have to make all new tags.

fabric 9


This is so simple but so cute!  They just got a bunch of the same laundry basket and filed their material on a large shelf.  Another great option when you have a big quantity of material and lots of space for it.

fabric 10


Finally, this gem!  You can pick up these closet organizers for relatively cheap almost anywhere!  It looks like they can hold a ton of material too!

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6 thoughts on “10 Fabric Storage Ideas for All Budgets

  1. Holly

    Just read this now. What about a hanging shoe organizer that hangs from a closet rod? You could rule the fabrics up and put them in the pockets that normally hold shoes!


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