10 Easy DIY Wall Art Ideas

1. DIY Chevron Striped Wall Art

jadorejcrew:My first of 3 chevron panels is done!


Although this blogger doesn’t give any instructions, striped wall art is easy to create using painters tape to make the design you are looking for.

2. Geometric Canvases



This could not be simpler, but it ads a great pop of color to this room. ANYONE can make this fun and easy DIY wall art.

3. DIY Wood Wall Art

Wood Love Sign


This wood wall art was made using wood, stain, a homemade stencil, paint, and DIY rosettes

3. Wood Letters Love Wall Art 

DIY wall art


You can create wall art using wood letters purchased from a craft store to make it say anything you want and any color you want.

4. DIY Wall Art Using Painters Tape


This wall art is created using painters tape to create your desired design on a canvas.

5. DIY Wall Art Using Confetti for Dots


This wall art was created using confetti dots to make the dotted design and paint on a canvas.

6. DIY Easy Folded Paper Wall Art


This is brilliant! AND really different, fun and oh-so cheap. All you need is multi-colored origami paper folded and attached with glue or double sided tape to foam board. I am doing this!

7. DIY Fabric Wall Art

Framed fabric in a living room


You can create simple wall art using any fabric you like stapled to a stretched canvas frame.If you change your mind or your decor, you can change your fabric any time.

8. DIY Fabric and Canvas Wall Art

Fabric Wall Art


This easy wall art only requires the fabrics of choice and small canvases. This is a great way to cover a large area for a small price. You can also get the same effect using a hard foam cut to the right size and covered with fabric.

9. DIY Paint Chip Wall Art


If you have plenty of paint chips and plenty of time, you can make a creative and fun design.

10 . DIY Embroidery Hoop Wall Art


You can buy embroidery hoops at the thrift store for super cheap, and all the only other thing you need is fabric to fill the hoops!

4 thoughts on “10 Easy DIY Wall Art Ideas

  1. kristhud

    Flower and Heart Wall Art have incredible look, i love this DIY wall art, this is really a fun project, i want to do it, but i want to use paint i will try it with water color, what do you think how water color painting will look on canvas.. 🙂

  2. trumantesta

    I was looking for an easy canvas making tutorial and come across this post, i am now very happy to see that you have shared 10 easy diy wall art project in this post, many thanks for sharing. 🙂 🙂

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