10 DIY Throw Pillows

With as many little kids as I have running around my house almost everything in it is a hand me down.  This includes my old, drab, brown couches.  I have been looking for a fun, inexpensive way to dress them up without spending a bunch of money and investing a lot of time.  I thought throw pillows would be a good way to go as they are just about right for my sewing skill level and they are so versatile you can do a bunch of different things with them.  Plus if you get board with one look it’s so easy to change them up.  Here are some ideas that I just love!  I can’t wait to try some of these out and see which ones look the best in my house.

Pillow 1


I love the gathering on this pillow along with the rosette details.  You could make this in any size and rectangular or square.  This tutorial is very detailed on how to do the gathering detail.  It’s such a pretty finished look!

Pillow 2


Making a chevron print with lace!  It’s brilliant, cute and easy to do.  You could add more rows ir less, use chunkier lace or a really delicate pattern.  All would create a different finished look depending on what you are going for.

pillow 3


I love the look of this pillow.  I thought it would be complicated but the tutorial uses a roll up and makes it look so easy!  Basically if you can count, measure, iron and sew a straight line you can make this pillow.  Also you can get three pillows out of one roll up.

pillow 4


I’m not sure that I love this particular pillow but I love the idea!  Make a throw pillow out of a bath mat.  You could do all kinds of patterns, colors, sizes and shapes.

pillow 5


This pillow is so sophisticated yet it’s so easy to do.  I love the gathering detail. It just makes it look that much fancier.  This is another pillow that you could do in all different colors and add some really cute, easy detail to your room.

pillow 6


I love the patterns on these pillows!  The colors are beautiful and the shapes are so cute.  It’s a cute way to add kind of a modern feel to the room.  I don’t know that my husband would go for something like this but I might now give him a choice.

pillow 7


This pillow is made by sewing two place mats together!  I would have never thought of that but it’s so easy.

pillow 8


The ruffle detail on this pillow is so cute and romantic.  I would make some pillows like this for my bedroom.

pillow 9


This is BRILLIANT!  To add the detail to these pillows the circles were cut out using three different size mixing bowls.  Then they are simply layered on top of a pre-made pillow case and sewn on.  I am doing this tomorrow.  I love the contrasting patterns and the way the circle look on the square pillows.

pillow 10


This rose is ADORABLE!  It adds a pop of color and a feminine touch to this pillow.  It’s also made of felt so it’s affordable to make and relatively easy to sew.

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