10 DIY Tea Light Holders

Candles are such an inexpensive, cozy and cute way to decorate a table or dress up a room.  I am always looking for ways to add some pizzazz to my decorations without breaking the bank.  I have found a slew of ideas and to be honest I want to do all of them.  Especially since they all look so easy.  Here are some of my favorite DIY tea light candle holders.candle 3


This obviously would be a great idea for fall or a Halloween themed party.  This one is super simple to do, cute, affordable and and added bonus for me is that there is no storage required when you are done with them, they can simply be thrown away.

candle 5


These candle holders are made out of milk jugs!  It’s a cute way to recycle and I like the idea of spray painting them different colors for different looks.

candle one


Similar to the hollowed out pumpkins, you can also hollow out apples for a cute tea light.  I think these would also be cute at a fall party but you could use them for decoration at a late summer picnic or even an outdoor wedding.

candle two


These are probably one of my favorites.  It’s simply dollar store glass votive jars and a little bit of spray paint.  The paint that this tutorial used created a mirrored effect on the inside of the jar which I think is beautiful!



I would have never thought to use egg shells for candle holders but what a cute idea.  This would be fun for an Easter buffet table.



This idea is simple some terracotta pots that are plugged on the bottom with a penny or piece of aluminum foil then wax is poured inside and a wick added.  I like that you could do this one in any size that a pot comes in.  You could also paint the pots to make them work for any occasion.



These tea light holders are made using lace.  I love the elegant look of them!



This is so simple and yet so versatile.  It’s just normal glass candle holders with party streamers wrapped around them using double sided tape.  You can reuse the same holders for any occasion and changing them up is super easy and affordable.



This holder is made out of lace and concrete.  Two things that could not be more opposite but the end result is awesome.



this is one of my favorites too.  Punched paper that is rolled and put inside glass votives.  The result is elegant and the light coming through the punched paper is so beautiful.

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