10 DIY Shoe Storage Solutions

For as long as I can remember I have claimed to be a shoe “collector.” Not to be confused with a shoe hoarder… Which is what my mother would call me. But I have to admit, lately the “collection” has been feeling a bit out of control. I am having a hard time finding what I am looking for or forgetting that I have certain shoes all together! I am on the hunt for some good DIYs to get the shoe craziness under control!

1. Hang Flats and Flip Flops


2. DIY Wall Shoe Storage


3. PVC Pipe Shoe Storage

PVC pipe shoe storage  Since I wrote the column, which talks about making shoe storage from PVC pipes, and fixing them to a wall, I've found an even easier way to do this – using cardboard tubing and a roof-rack strap. No nails, it's barely even DIY. Brilliant. Read full details over at Apartment Therapy.


4. DIY Lazy Susan Shoe Storage

Photo 8: Level the shelves in the corner


5. Crown Molding Shoe Storage


6. DIY Shoe Storage Rack



7. DIY Curtain Rod Shoe Storage

diy shoe rack


8. Wine Box Shoe Storage

wine box shoe storage


9. DIY Campaign Style Shoe Storage

campaign style shoe shelves


10. Tension Rod Shoe Storage



9 thoughts on “10 DIY Shoe Storage Solutions

  1. kim

    I love the hanging flippies and flats!!!! I might even do it with tennis shoe/ sneakers to air them out!!! I might need a stronger hanger but that is brilliant esp for lil girl shoes!!!

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