10 DIY Sharpie Crafts

The other day I was at good ole’ Wally World (Wal-Mart) and they had a giant display of Sharpie’s of every color! I’m not super sure why, but I love Sharpies! I love how smooth they write, and I love how my hand writing looks with them. Naturally, I stood in front of the display for a bit staring before my husband encouraged (read: “Move along, lady.”) me to pick a few colors to take home. I bought 10. So now, here I am with a beautiful and vast Sharpie collection that seriously needs to be put to use. Enter Pinterest. Here is a compilation of my favorite DIY Sharpie crafts.

1. Monogram Your Mugs



This personalized mug is made using stickers as your stencil and using Sharpie to dot around the edges to make your design pop. You could also use any other sticker you wanted, like a heart or crown or ANYTHING you want to make a super cute personalized mug. OR let your kiddies for crazy and make a mug for grandparents or Father’s Day. Check out the source link for full instructions.

2. Sharpie Tie-Dye

sharpie tie dye


If you love the look of tie-dye but don’t want to deal with the mess, try this simple Sharpie method. To put it simply, you doodle with the Sharpie, then use rubbing alcohol to get the smeared look. For full instructions, follow the link above.

3. Stencil a Rug



This blogger took an inexpensive and plain bamboo rug and made it her own using a stencil and a Sharpie. You could apply this same technique using any stencil and other types of rugs as well, just beware of the Sharpie bleeding.

4. DIY Dry Erase Calendar



This blogger simply drew a calendar grid onto burlap cut to fit the picture frame. You could do this with any fabric or any picture frame so it’s really customizable and would make a great gift!

5. Love Note Pillows

lovenotepillows 024


I am OBSESSED with this idea! This blogger used Sharpie to write on fabric and made it into pillows. You could twist this idea in so many ways! You could do song lyrics for a holiday or a children’s song, wedding song lyrics, write a note to your child, a verse of scripture, a favorite quote… anything! I am definitely looking forward to making a few of these soon!

6. Customize a Vase



Really the possibilities of what glassware you can customize using Sharpie are endless. This blogger drew fun designs on a simple glass vase. You could draw any design you wanted, or song lyrics could be fun OR even writing the note to go with the flowers right on the vase… a love note, perhaps?

7. Personalized Dinnerware

DIY-Personalized-Dishware-17 DIY-Personalized-Dishware-15


Okay, okay. I know we have covered the dishes/glassware category thoroughly, but these were just too cute to not include. Same idea as the others, free-hand the mugs and stencil on the plate. These mugs would make a super cute bridal shower or wedding gift on a budget!

8. Sharpie Manicures

Screen shot 2012-02-13 at 19.39.34


You may or may not consider Sharpie manicures a craft, but I love Sharpies and I love manicures, therefore it makes my list. The concept is simple, make simple and pretty nail art by drawing with a Sharpie. For more fabulous Sharpie manicure ideas, click HERE!

9. DIY Sharpie Statement Necklace



We all have that jewelry that is ALMOST awesome, but it’s just a little too off to be worn. I have a tendency to find random garage sale or thrifted jewelry that is “amaaaaazing” that just sits in my jewelry box, never to be worn, because it’s weird. Using a Sharpie can be a great way to spruce up those odd pieces and make them fun and wearable.

10. DIY Sharpie Phone Cover



How cute is this phone cover?! Super cute phone covers can be expensive, so this DIY cover is a fantastic way to make your own. You can buy plain white iPhone cases on Amazon for less than $5, so go crazy! Don’t worry Android users, we aren’t left out. Odds are Amazon has plain white covers for you too! To keep it from smearing, try sealing with clear spay paint.

Am I leaving out any fabulous DIY Sharpie crafts? Which Sharpie craft is making your DIY to-do list?

17 thoughts on “10 DIY Sharpie Crafts

  1. pandy

    Hi There, Sharpies may be old news for you, but great exciting “new” news for us. However, when I baked my decorated most colourful mugs, the sharpie colours completely changed. What did we do wrong?

    1. Heather Post author

      I have been reading around trying to find a solution for your problem. It sounds like some colors just fade, although people have found Bic permanent markers MAY not fade quite as much. I don’t think you did anything wrong. Hope this helps, thanks for reading!

    2. Amber

      I’ve done quite a bit with sharpies and baking them onto mugs and other glassware, and the problem isn’t you! It’s the markers- they have to be oil based to retain their color and to last. If you buy silver or gold ones, they hold up great, otherwise look for the oil-based sharpies, specifically. Hope this helps! 🙂

  2. Rachel

    I have used black sharpies to clean up the look of cheap, scuffed shoes that won’t take polish. They keep them looking black just that little bit longer.

  3. Monica

    i’ve learned since reading about this that there’s actually porcelain sharpies now for projects just like this, a little more expensive, but the color stays on better

  4. Lee

    I use Sharpies to touch up scratches on my black pressed wood furniture pieces. I also use them on my grandkids shoes to touch up the scratches. I live to doodle on their white tennis shoes and have the kids color them in. One thing I don’t recommend; a friend of my daughter thought it would be funny to play connect the dots with a Sharpie on our Dalmatian. It took months for it to finally come off.

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