10 DIY Onesies for Girls

1. Fabric Paint “Necklace”


This blogger used the eraser side of a pencil and made dots for a necklace with fabric paint and added a DIY flower accent. SO cute and so easy!

2. Ruffle Bum Onesies


You can’t go wrong with adding ruffles to a Onesie!

3. Fabric Paint Onesies


I love the fun, bright colors this blogger used to make cute, simple designs using puff paint, freezer paper and a pencil eraser.

4. Felt Detail Onesie

chevron stripe onesies tutorial[6]


To make this cute onesie all you need is a sheet of felt, a marker to draw your pieces, a needle and thread or sewing machine to sew the pieces on, and a little ribbon to finish it off.

5. Button Front Onesie



This is a great tutorial to add the button front detail to dress up any onesie.

6. Vintage Doily Neckline Onesie


Another easy way to dress up a Onesie is to sew pieces of a doily around the neckline. You could even dye the doily different colors.

7. Fabric and Lace Accents


You can use fabric scraps you have sitting around to make bows or flowers to accent Onesies.

8. Trim Accent Onesies


This blogger shows that you can use any trim pieces you have sitting around any use them to dress up a Onesie.

9. Puff Paint Onesie



This is not your run-of-the-mill puff design. This would definitely take some time to do, but it looks so cute!

10. Applique Onesies


I love applique because you can keep it simple or go all out. It’s super customizable and so fun and cute!

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