10 DIY Onesies for Boys

Sometimes little boys, and moms of little boys can feel a little left out in the crafty/DIY world. Here are 5 of my favorite DIY Onesie ideas for little boys!

1. Applique Onesies


You can use No-Sew Heat N Bond to put any shape or design on a onesie easily to give it a personal touch.

2. Vest Applique Onesie

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Is there anything cuter than a baby boy dressed like a tiny man? You can use applque to DIY your own little man onesie vest.

3. Suspender Onesie


You can sew ribbon and buttons to a onesie and you have a suspender onesie!

4. Bow Tie Onesies


Use your fabric scraps and DIY yourself some little bow ties and sew them onto onesies.

5. Freezer Paper Onesies



Freezer paper is so fun and so easy to use. You can use it with a Cricut or a Silhouette machine or you can free hand or trace to make a stencil.

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