10 Cute Craft Projects for Boys

I have little boys!  Four very busy, little boys.  It’s sometimes hard to keep them entertained.  Especially when you live somewhere cold and rainy and they can’t go outside! I was looking for ideas the other day of ways to keep them entertained and was surprised to discover that there are a bunch of very clever craft ideas to make with your little men.  Not to mention these are things that my boys would absolutely love to play with.  Here are some of my favorites!

busy board


my two year old would have a blast with this one.  He is at that age where he’s figuring out how things work and loves to climb on counter and turn on switches or open cabinets, turn locks, pretty much anything that could potentially be a safety hazard.  Having something like this board for him would keep him entertained for hours!



  My older boys went to a birthday party once where they made super hero capes out of felt.  It was a hit!  The kids wore those capes until they were literally falling apart.  I am going to do this one with them the next time they have a day off from school.  What little boy doesn’t want to run around in a cape?

jet pack


This is along the same lines as the cape.  I love the idea of making a jet pack!  I can just see my boys out on the trampoline jumping around with these on their back.  Plus the supplies are simple and it looks pretty easy to put together.  Definitely one the kids could help you with.

snake tie


This is my kind of sewing project!  Easy as pie, just a couple of straight lines, glue on some googly eyes and bingo, you have a tie snake!

space ship


I love this one because the kids can get really creative with how they want to make and decorate their space ships.  Plus the supplies are usually things you have just lying around your house.

lava lamp


I was always fascinated by lava lamps as kid, in fact my sister and I had at least three or four in our bedroom (although she will say that never happened).  This would be a fun craft/science experiment to do with your little boys and you can teach them about the science of how it works.

light saber


My older boys went to another birthday party where they made the pool noodle light sabers.  You can get the supplies for these at any dollar store and they are so easy to make.  It’s really just tape and the pool noodles.  This will entertain your kids for hours!



This craft was one of the first things I ever pinned on Pinterest.  It’s so simple.  My boys would love painting these and playing with them.  Plus it’s good for everyone from my 7 year old all the way down to my two year old.



This one is so simple it’s crazy but it looks so fun!  I am thinking I’m going to do these as the activity for our next family night.  Plus I think my dogs will enjoy cleaning up the mess.



This is a functional craft that is cute, clever and fun to do!  Just get some mason jars or cheap jars from the dollar store, glues some dinosaurs on them and paint.  You can use the completed jars for Legos, play-dough, or your little ones allowance.

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