10 Crafty Uses for Washi Tape

Lately I have fallen in love with washi tape! It comes in every color and design you could possibly be looking for. It’s great if you are party planning or decorating and can’t find exactly what you are looking for. With washi tape you can customize anything to make it just right. You can buy washi tape here. Here are some of my favorite washi tape DIYs!

1. Washi Tape Your Laptop


2. Washi Tape Necklace

Washi Tape Necklace - 30 Minute Crafts


3. Washi Tape Vase


Orange Washi Tape


4. Washi Tape Wooden Spoons



5. Washi Tape Napkin Rings


6. Washi Tape Light Switch Cover

Light switch cover - what a bright idea!


7. Washi Tape Tea Lights



8. Washi Tape Keyboard


9. Washi Tape Notebook



10. Washi Tape Cork Board

Washi Tape Cork Board


What washi tape project are YOU going to try?

8 thoughts on “10 Crafty Uses for Washi Tape

  1. auntie em (emily)

    Cute ideas! I am just getting started with the Washi tape trend. I love it on the tea light cases. Those things are so ugly.
    Thank you for sharing your fun crafty ideas! 🙂


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