10 Tin Can Crafts You’ll Love

1. Tin Can Lanterns

DIY Tin Can Lanterns


But punching or drilling holes in a tin can and adding a wire to hang it, you can make a cute and simple lantern. Paint it any color to suit your occasion.

2. Tin Can Centerpiece


These soup cans are painted a variety of metallic colors and grouped together to make a clean and simple centerpiece.

3. Ribbon Organizer


This is brilliant! Drill some holes, and add some rivets to keep your ribbon from getting caught on the metal edges. Stack your ribbons inside and run them through the holes.

4. Tin Can Brush Holders


The blogger took the top and bottom off of 2 cans, and mod-podged on some cute scrap book paper and attached them to a bathroom cabinet.

5.  Tin Can and Rope Centerpiece

Tin Can Rope DIY Vases #craft #vase #flowers


I love this. Take some rope and hot glue as you wrap it around a can. Super easy and super cute.

5. Tin Can Drink Holder


Follow the link and check out the easy tutorial for this cute outdoor drink holder.

6. Tin Can Caddy


This is an easy way to repurpose old tin cans to make a cute picnic caddy.

7. Tin Can Storage

Old soup cans + spray paint = Wall storage & whimsical decoration. >> What a fun idea, great for a home studio or kids space. #DIY


You can make this cute and versatile wall storage by using varying sizes of cans to store whatever you want.

8. Soup Can and Burlap Cake Stand


You can make this easy cake stand using tin cans, thick poster board, burlap and brown paper. So cute and easy!

9. Tin Can Bud Vase


You can customize old soup cans to look like anything you want with a little paint!

10. Tin Can Candles

How to Make Citronella Candles


You can repurpose old cans by making your candles inside. Wrap it with ribbon or jute and you have a cute homemade gift.

18 thoughts on “10 Tin Can Crafts You’ll Love

  1. Elise

    Hi! I found this on pinterest and was surprised to see my tin can lanterns photos on here! The only problem is that you are not linking to my blog: which is where the photos and tutorial come from. I do own the rights to these photos and I spent a lot of time creating the tutorial, so PLEASE PLEASE give me the credit I deserve- and it would be good if you checked your sources in the future too 🙂

    You can find my tutorial here: http://growcreative.blogspot.com/2012/07/tin-can-lanterns-tutorial.html

    1. Heather Post author

      Elise, I am SO sorry that we had not originally linked to your tutorial! The error has been corrected! Hope we can send a lot of traffic to your great tutorial! Have a great day!

  2. angie

    I love #3 for holding ribbon spools. Gave me the idea to use my blueprint tubes for this project. They will hold way more ribbon spools and protect them from dust! Also it can be mounted to the wall for ease of use! Thanks such good idea.

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  4. Polly

    The tin can lanterns would look great for a summer dinner outside! I find that most often I buy frozen veggies if I can’t use fresh and don’t have cans sitting around any more, plus, in our town we recycle everything.;( I’ll have to start collecting.

  5. Denise

    Do you put anything over the edges to prevent anyone getting cut? Or are they smooth enough to not cause problems?

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