5 Popsicle stick DIYs for your home - these ideas are so fun!

When you think of popsicle stick crafts, you probably picture something made my your favorite elementary schooler. But once again the talented people of the internet have blown me away with their creative and cute used for popsicle sticks. Here are five of my favorite DIYs for your home using posicle sticks! DIY Mini Pallet […]

10 Ikea Furniture Hacks

I know I am in good company when I say, I love Ikea! I love the modern style of their furniture, I love the price range, I love the experience of walking through an Ikea store. I love all of it. Another added bonus of Ikea furniture is that because it is SO common, there […]

A cute and functional way to organize spices

Sometimes when I am digging though my spice cabinet, I feel like I could be one of those infomercials where everything goes excessively, over-the-top wrong. I am looking for the red pepper flakes, and EVERYTHING is falling out EVERYWHERE and I can’t find what I am looking for. Super annoying, amirite? When I saw these […]

10 Delicious Meat-Free Recipes

I won’t get into all the reasons why, but long story short, I don’t cook meat. When I tell people this they are usually pretty curious what I DO cook. Over the years I have accumulated some pretty amazing recipes that anyone and everyone will love. These are 10 of my very favorite, kid and […]

Easy, soft and delicious sugar cookies

Any time I am asked, or volunteer, to bring a dessert somewhere, these cookies are my go-to. They are seriously, so quick and easy to make and they are so soft and delicious too! If I am being completely honest, I don’t always want to share this recipe because whenever I make them people say […]

10 AMAZING Savory Popcorn Recipes

Popcorn is definitely a staple item in our home. We eat it several times a week, sometimes as an after school snack, sometimes sweeten it up for dessert, and always on movie night. My family loves eating it popcorn in any and all ways. Lately we have been really into experimenting with a bunch of […]

10 Delicious Pumpkin Recipes

Fall is the BEST time of the year. I LOVE fall. I love the change in the weather, I love sweaters and boots, and I LOVE pumpkin treats. Here are some amazing and easy pumpkin recipes to enjoy this fall! Easy Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls [source] World’s Best Pumpkin Bread [source] 3 Ingredient Pumpkin Cookies [source] […]